We Support Public Schools and Oppose Private School Vouchers

Open and nondiscriminatory in their acceptance of all students, American public schools are a unifying factor among the diverse range of ethnic and religious communities in our society. Public schools are the only schools that must meet the needs of all students. They do not turn children or families away. They serve children with physical, emotional, and mental disabilities, those who are extremely gifted and those who are learning challenged, alongside their classmates without special needs. 

Voucher programs divert desperately needed resources away from the public school system to fund the education of a few voucher students. In addition, voucher programs have proven ineffective, lack accountability to taxpayers, deprive students of rights provided to public school students, and threaten religious liberty. 

The federal government best serves the nation’s students by using their limited federal dollars to support the public school system and ensuring that federal dollars go to publicly accountable schools. 

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